Pungrow is a Chinese educational toy brand that designs and manufacturers plastic building blocks available for creative designs and educational games.

Pungrow blocks are a system of 6-sided interlocking building blocks with around 300 basic types of blocks available in 4 sizes, 16 colors, 6 shapes, and 1-4 tenons.

Due to their unique design of mortise and tenon structure, the Pungrow blocks are extremely flexible in connection that each block is connectable to others by their mortises & tenons on any side.




When paired with different Pungrow accessories, Pungrow blocks can be used to create unlimited designs and provide a variety of educational games to help children develop skills & abilities.


Unlimited Designs & Diverse Games

Unlike toys that are designed to be played with in only one way to inhibit imagination and creativity, Pungrow toys are available for building creative designs and playing brainstorming games.

Besides the figures showcased in the creation book, the 6-side-interlocking blocks allow children to build unique and creative figures beyond a specified theme, with tons of possibilities allowing children to create their own themes or worlds with their imagination.

Lasting Enjoyment

Most Pungrow toys are great for young children to begin with, but can still be fun for older children or even adults. The rich content of designs & games within each toy can help keep them engaged for a long time. That means our toys may stay with the children for years to come. Even when the children are bored with the existing Pungrow toys, they are cross-compatible so that a new toy can emerge with the old ones for more designs and games.

Fun & Educational

As playtime is a great time to teach, Pungrow toys are designed not just to entertain children, but also to help children grow in physical, social, cognitive, and emotional development. Instead of playing with a toy just for fun, children can benefit from learning through crafting and playing with the Pungrow blocks.

Parent-child Interaction

Pungrow toys are designed to emphasize a certain level of social interaction that parents or caregivers can work on with their children. They can join in on the fun of spending quality time with their children. The game and craft session can help them bond well with their children and inspire them to perform enlightenment education for their children.



Science - Technology - Engineering - Art Mathematics

Intelligence Improvement

Children Toy Educational Level Certificated



Be the Window Through Which Children Explore the World.


- Let everyone’s talents and strengths be identified.
- Let everyone’s need for both material and spiritual happiness be fulfilled.


Think It & Create It


Blocks, Not Just Blocks; Toys, More Than Toys

How do we succeed in the market competition?



The toy industry is an intensely competitive and rapidly changing industry. As is the case in other consumer products, innovations is the only way to help us stem from a gap in the market. When developing toys, there are several factors that have to be taken into account, and it all starts with the “fun factor” for children. A toy must be engaging and keep a child’s interest. Unlike adults, children are not burdened with many of the fixed ideas of what things should be like, so will accept some original piece of thinking or a new twist on an established toy design. This is why we are always on the lookout for new ideas to stand out in this crowded market.


Educational toys for kids should be strategically designed based on detailed research to offer children a holistic learning experience through fun. It is serious business and no easy process. We are conscious and mindful of the toys we design for children. Involved in this process are designers, engineers, artists, educators, and in addition to sales representatives, marketers, and everyone in between. These innovators leverage the latest science— physics, psychology, linguistics, early childhood development, and computer modeling and use techniques such as biomimicry to turn raw material into something that sparks children’s imagination, develop cognitive abilities or promotes learning skills.


Toys are more than just fun and games for children. They provide at least some opportunity for children to learn. Educational toys for children need to match their stages of development and emerging abilities. The world that we live in is also constantly changing. Technology is advancing rapidly, and information is at our fingertips at the click of a button. Children's learning goals also change with the times. The only way to keep up is to carry on learning. Investing in ourselves in this way helps enrich our skills and knowledge, stay up-to-date, or change the industry. Creating for children can often be a lifelong journey of learning.


For us quality means not only good design and durable construction but also many other aspects. Producing them with stable and solid materials to survive children’s repeated handling is just the beginning standard. A quality toy is not just good in design. We define a good toy to be fun for keeping children’s interest, suitable for their age, developmental needs & personality, challenging but not frustrating that is just on the margin of the children's growing capacities, and much educative to supplement early-stage teaching.

Children Toy Educational Level (A+, A)

About S-up Kids

Pungrow is a toy brand of Guangzhou S-up Kids Co., Ltd that focuses on creative block toys.

Guangzhou S-up Kids Co., Ltd., established in 2008, is a Chinese company that develops, designs, produces, and markets educational toys for global customers. The company is headquartered in Guangzhou with a factory & logistics center in Chengdu and multiple branches across China.

Company's History

The company initially wholesaled various brands of educational toys, and later decided to have its own research and design. In 2013, the company launched its first self-development toy, consisting of a system of 6-side-interlocking blocks. In 2018, the company set up the Pungrow Science and Education Research Institute and began marketing its block toys under the registered brand of Pungrow. In 2019, Pungrow completed its first design of a preschool education course based on the Pungrow blocks & toys, which was later incorporated by an increasing number of educational institutions in China into their preschool teaching curriculum. The company has never ceased on the innovation and design of educational toys. Until 2022, the company has obtained over 100 domestic and global patents and copyright registrations.

20 Years Of S-up Kids

  • Year 2001

    Mr. Luo Yunzhang started his toy business.
  • Year 2006

    Mr. Luo Yunzhang started his first toy company in Yiwu.
  • Year 2008

    Guangzhou S-up Kids co., ltd was established with a focus on educational toys.
  • Year 2009

    The company opened its first branch in Beijing.
  • Year 2011

    The company was listed “the top ten sales of Toys R Us“ in China.
  • Year 2013

    The company launched its first self-development toy, consisting of a system of 6-side-interlocking geometric blocks.
  • Year 2017

    The company established its factory & logistics center in Chengdu.
  • Year 2018

    The company set up the Pungrow Science and Education Research Institute.
  • Year 2019

    The company completed its first Pungrow Education Course.
  • Year 2020

    The Pungrow Education Course was approved as the Annual Planning Course of Shenzhen Education Sciences and incorporated by educational institutions into their early childhood teaching curriculum.