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Wildlife Choo-choo Express

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Wildlife Choo-Choo Express is a parent accompany toy designed for children aged 4+. This toy set contains 231 pieces of P4 blocks &
accessories and 2 books- a game book with 13 games in 159 challenges, and a creation book showcasing 170 figures.



Educational Games


Showcased Figures


Age; Best For 4


Pieces Count


Core Pieces

Skills To Learn

Organizing Skills

Problem-solving Skills

Concentration & Observation Skills

Logical & Reasoning Skills

Spatial Ability

Imagination & Creativity Skills

Graphic Perception





This toy is recommended for children to play with the company & guidance of a parent/teacher.

Educational Games

(13 Games & 159 Challenges)

The Pungrow city designers are planning to build houses in the block city, but some building materials can only be found in the wilderness. There's a Choo-Choo Express that can go from the city into the wilderness. Are you ready to get on this journey to help the city designers collect the materials they need?
Wood Measurement

Measure the heights of the wood by placing the number cards next to them.

Wood Arrangement

Arrange the wood back in order by filling the missing ones at the desired heights.

Wood Cutting

Count how much the Kangaroo Lumberjack needs to cut the wood to get wood of desired heights.

Color Sorting

There are many colors of bricks. Help the Ant Sorters classify the bricks by color.

Shape Sorting

There are many shapes of bricks. Help the Ant Sorters classify the bricks by shape.

Brick Search

Help the Ant Sorters pick out the bricks that they want.

Elephant Painter

Place the blocks into the pictures to conjure real-life objects.

Gorilla Movers

Fill the game area with the given game modules in the correct orientation.

Antelope Tailor

Build the required patterns with the given game modules and place them correctly into the game area.

Rhino Pastry Chef

Fill the game area with the given game modules.

Bear Chef

Seize the goose by placing all the game modules into the game area to surround the goose.

Zebra Warehouse Keeper

Find out what blocks should be placed in the empty section according to the order of the existing blocks.

Giraffe Packer

Build the game modules according to the challenge and combine them to make a cube box of the specified size.

Lion Architect

Complete the buildings with blocks of the required shape, color, and number.


(159 Showcased Figures)

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