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Harvest Baby

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Harvest Baby is a parent-accompany toy designed for children aged 2-4 with large multi-colored shaped P4 Raingo accessories which resemble different parts of plants such as fruits, leaves, and flowers. This toy set contains 100 pieces and 2 books- a game book with 8 games and a creation book showcasing 125 three-dimensional shapes & figures.



Educational Games


Showcased Figures


Age; Best For 3


Pieces Count


Core Pieces

Skills To Learn

Balance Skills

Imagination & Creativity Skills

Language & Communication Skills

Graphic Perception

Hand-eye Coordination & Fine Motor Skills




This toy is recommended for children to play with the company & guidance of a parent/teacher.

Educational Games

(5 Games)


Plant seeds of curiosity, and watch them grow!

Fruit Toss

This is a tossing game that aims to exercise children's hand muscles, as well as to improve their visual judgment and hand-eye coordination.

Fruit Guess

This is a "seek & find" game that aims to help children develop color recognition as well as train their observation skills.

Fruit Match

This is a "draw & pick" game that aims to help children improve hand-eye coordination, color & shape recognition, and the association between images and actual objects.

Flower Tower

This is a stacking game that aims to help children recognize colors and numbers, as well as exercise their fine motor skills.

Tumbler Tree

This is a balancing game that aims to train children's balancing skills and language expression ability, and is also beneficial for them to learn social rules through, interpersonal communication.

Touch Detective

This is a touch matching game that aims to develop children's fine motor skills and imagination.

Fruit Delivery

This is a role-playing game that aims to help children improve color & shape recognition, and associate between images and actual objects.

Harvest Run

This is a matching board game in which players compete to collect the most fruits of either the same color or the same shape as their fruit piece when they move by the steps according to the cards they draw in each round.


(51 Showcased Figures)

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