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Blocks Ride

$ 139.00

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Blocks Ride is a building block toy designed for pre-schoolers, allowing children to construct their own rideable vehicles using oversized  P8 blocks and wheels.

The variety in design options (motorbike, scooter, animal-shaped vehicle) offered by Blocks Ride not only keeps the play experience diverse and engaging but also caters to different interests among pre-schoolers. This versatility can also encourage children to experiment and innovate, potentially leading to the creation of their unique vehicle designs.



Showcased Rides


Age; Best For 3


Pieces Count


Core Pieces

Skills To Learn

Inspirational Thinking

Planning Skills

Concentration & Observation Skills

Imagination & Creativity Skills

Fine-motor Skills



Adult Supervision

The block rides shall be assembled and played under adult supervision.

18 Showcased Rides

(5 color options: cyan, yellow, red, grass green, blue)

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