BlockSpace Program

School Edition

A remodeling project designed with Pungrow blocks to turn school areas into a children playground.

Choose standard items or customized based on your own budgets & needs

Creation-tableCreation Table-background

Creation Table

A block table built with Pungrow P8 blocks that children can sit around to create designs or play games.
  • Standard
  • Customization

Creation Wall

A creation platform mounted on the wall and built with Pungrow P4 baseboards and blocks for children to create designs while standing.
  • Customization
creation-wallCreation Wall-background

Wall Graphics

The wall graphics are fully customized wall art often built with Pungrow P1 or P2 blocks on baseboards. Schools regularly use wall graphics for aesthetic purposes, as they can improve the appearance of the walls. With wall graphics, schools can craft lively environments that reflect their identity.
  • Customization

Block Figures

Pungrow block figures are decoration figures built with various sizes, shapes, and colors of Pungrow blocks. They are artistic and eye-catching to be placed inside or outside a classroom to make a school space more appealing and inviting for children and parents.
  • Standard
  • Customization

Block Furniture

Pungrow furniture are built with large size of Pungrow P8 blocks and accessories, and reinforced by P8 patches. Schools see block furniture as a way to break free from the stereotypical plain, personality-less spaces. Because they add an artistic feel to the offices & classrooms, Pungrow block furniture are typically good for improving the feel of a school's environment and helping make school life more enjoyable.
  • Standard
  • Customization


Pungrow toys contain games and creations that are fully entertaining and educational to help children develop skills or abilities while playing.

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