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The Unpredictable Blocksformers

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The Unpredictable Blocksformers is a parent-child interaction toy designed for children aged 3+. This toy set contains 163 pieces of
Pungrow Joints and P2 blocks & accessories and 2 books- a game book with 5 games in 67 challenges, and a creation book showcasing 96 figures.



Educational Games


Showcased Figures


Age; Best For 4


Pieces Count


Core Pieces

Skills To Learn

Spatial Ability

Graphic Perception

Problem-solving Skills

Imagination & Creativity Skills

Logical & Reasoning Skills




This toy is recommended for children to play with the company & guidance of a parent/teacher.

Educational Games

(5 Games & 67 Challenges)

There is a building blocks galaxy 18.5 million light-years from Earth. Athletes from various planets in this galaxy are preparing to take their spaceships to the Galaxy Center Stadium to participate in the Blocks Olympic.
The Fruit Spaceship

Place the game modules on the game board to cover fruits except for the required ones.

The Rectangle Spaceship

Fill the game modules into the 3x5 rectangle game frame.

The Wrecked Spaceship

What shape can you get when the two modules are combined together? Choose your answers from I-III.

Aid from the Planet of WheelBots

Observe the left, front, and top views of the combined structure and deduce which choice can be the combined structure of the game modules.

The Square Spaceship

Start by placing the same given modules onto the frame, then use the remaining game modules to fill the space of the game frame.


(159 Showcased Figures)

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