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Pungrow is a designer and manufacturer of educational toys based on plastic building blocks. Our toys are designed to allow children to build creative designs or play educational games to help them develop skills and abilities. Due to the unique six-sided interlocking structure, PUNGROW building blocks can be used to create any items, which makes PUNGROW's educational toys highly flexible, and the PUNGROW brand so identical to the highly competitive toy market.

Pungrow products are most favored by families, schools, and educational institutions. They are available to customers in toy packages sold at local retail stores & E-commerce platforms and through the remodeling BlockSpace Program by local contractor partners.

Who Can Be Pungrow's Network Partners?

We are committed to ensuring a fair, transparent, and enjoyable shopping experience for all customers through our trusted worldwide network partners.


Toy stores, department stores, and other retail outlets that specialize in children's products.


Online marketplaces and retailers that sell children's products online.


Contractors who can participate in remodeling projects in schools or educational institutions.


companies who specialize in children's products and mainly sell through your reselling channel partners.

Cross-sector Partners

Manufacturers who can integrate Pungrow blocks and accessories into your products.

Partner Level and Benefits

We aim to provide a predictable on-boarding and enablement model designed to support partners with the necessary positioning, marketing and selling of Pungrow’s family of educational toys – helping you increase customer satisfaction, drive incremental revenue and maximize profitability.

Partner Levels & Benefits

Partner Obligations


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