Furniture Options

Pungrow furniture are built with large size of Pungrow P8 blocks and accessories, and reinforced by P8 patches. Pungrow block furniture are typically available with a wide selection of shelves, chairs, desks, tables, beds, and lockers. You can purchase ready-made furniture or design your own furniture according to your actual needs.

Ready-made Furniture

Your Own Designs

  • 1-person Sofa

    Dimension: 80x64x64cm
  • 2-person Sofa

    Dimension: 144x64x46cm
  • 3-person Sofa

    Dimension: 200x64x64cm
  • 1-person Backrest Sofa

    Dimension: 88x64x96cm
  • 2-person Backrest Sofa

    Dimension: 144x64x96cm
  • 3-person Backrest Sofa

  • End Table

    Dimension: 56x56x64cm
  • Coffee Table A

    Dimension: 120x64x64cm
  • Coffee Table B

    Dimension: 128x64x56cm
  • Bar Table (between 2 sofas)

    Dimension: 24x64x16cm
  • Teacher Desk (PC slot)

    Dimension: 128x56x72cm
  • Teacher Desk (2 drawers)

    Dimension: 128x56x72
  • Cabinet

    Dimension: 104x48x80cm
  • Decrator- Cloud(on the desk)

    Dimension: 48x8x16cm
  • Decrator- Crown(on the desk)

    Dimension: 40x8x16cm
  • Decrator- Rabbit(on the desk)

    Dimension: 48x8x18cm
  • Decrator- Monkey(on the desk)

    Dimension: 40x8x24cm
  • Decrator- Bear(on the desk)

    Dimension: 48x8x18cm
  • 2×4 Shelf

    Dimension: 154x36x78cm
  • 2×4 Shelf- (style-1)

    Dimension: 182x36x78cm
  • 3×4 Shelf

    Dimension: 154x36x116cm
  • 3×4 Shelf- (style-1)

    Dimension: 226x36x78cm
  • 2×4 Shelf- (style-2)

    Dimension: 154x36x116cm
  • 3×6 Shelf

    Dimension: 230x36x116cm
  • 3×6 Shelf- (style-1)

    Dimension: 186x114x116cm
  • 3×4 Shelf- (style-2)

    Dimension: 154x36x116cm

Have ideas of your own design?